Wait for the rain



Daphne White is headed to paradise to ring in her fifth decade with Skylar and KC, whom she hasn’t seen in years. They remember Daphne as the witty, ambitious honors student she was in college, but Daphne doesn’t feel like that person anymore. The truth is, while globe-trotting sales executive Skylar (no bubbles in her ice cubes, please) and carefree fitness instructor KC (a sticker on her suitcase shouts Running is cheaper than therapy!) have been thriving, Daphne’s been pre- tending that everything in her world is just dandy too. But her husband has left her for a younger woman, her teenage daughter is a brat, and the budding writing career she gave up to have a family is nothing more than a faded dream. Like a fluttering baby bird she’s been released into a new world of singlehood, but she’s so weighed down by disappointment she feels more like a rhinoceros being thrown off a building.

Not wanting her friends to know the truth, Daphne puts on her poker face and does her best to keep up the facade—until she breaks down and confesses that she feels like a failure for the way her life has turned out. But with the help of her friends—and some attention from both a younger suitor and one a few years older—Daphne rediscovers her enthusiasm for life, as well as her love for herself, and realizes that her best years are still ahead. 

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