“Bolita” is a coming-of-age family comedy. Junior is finally a teenager and lets his parents know there’s no need for day-camp. This summer he and best friend Cheito want to discover the world of girls. Unfortunately, Abuelo moved in a few weeks back and Junior must earn his allowance the hard way: look after his deep frying, rum guzzling, womanizing, gambler of a grandfather. While Mami and Papi do their best to raise Junior and take care of an aging Abuelo, their demanding jobs allow ample idling time for the latter to get into mischief all over The Bronx. Along the way they encounter all sorts of colorful characters ranging from “curanderas” to mob bosses. All Abuelo wants is to play the numbers and hit it big, meanwhile Junior just wants to get home before Mami and Papi hit him big. 

Written by Leo Curbero.

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